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Zero G, ', litch

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Control and Embedded systems.

We design and build custom control systems for organisations. We build electronic devices and embedded hardware systems with network communication over internet and local WIFI networks. Follow unilynq and read more about our UNICOM (a computer that is in the size of a credit card) built as a solution to unreliable internet when using unilynq app.

Crafted specially, giving attention to detail, this is a celebration of creativity with guaranteed smoothness in UI/UX

Our motivation "Perfection simplified" helps to craft meaningful experiences for the people around us, This mission inspires us to jump out of bed each day and guides every aspect of what we do

What we do best

Mobile and Web App development.

Creative digital agency for sleek and sophisticated solutions for mobile, websites and software designs, led by passionate and uber progressive team that lives and breathes design. We build web and mobile applications that solve both simple complex engineering and social problems.

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